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  • How to Join the Mission to find "Seekers" and guide them into 2nd Amendment faith believers
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  • How Men and Women of Faith and Action are Being Called to Transform America
  • How YOU Can Become Part of the 3rd Great Awakening
Revealed Inside: How Men and Women of Faith and Action Use This Course to Defend Their Country and Protect Their Values



Dear Patriots, 

I'm Andy the Gun Guy.

After the Aurora Colorado Movie Theater Shooting, I quit my marketing job, bought my first gun, and became an NRA Certified Instructor.

Since then, I've trained over 30,000 people and equipped them to carry their firearm wherever they go.

The motto of my movement: Get armed. Get trained. Carry daily.

Now, I've teamed up with Pastor Sean Moon of the Rod of Iron Ministries to launch a new small group leadership course which will transform you into the leader God has been calling you to be.

Unlock my free training right now to discover how to discover your true purpose in leadership, become closer to God, and equip your community with the Godly ability to defend their lives.

By the way, we've even made a way for small group leaders to earn extra income while leading their communities into greatness.

Join me inside.


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